About Me



Cats Luck is brought to you by me, Michelle Mancuso, a self taught baker who has been vegan for eight years and baking professionally eight years. I got my start baking in my tiny apartment kitchen in 2010 and selling treats at punk shows to fundraise for various non profits and animal rescues. I started baking at Cedar Ridge Cafe in Maplewood in 2012. I moved to Asbury Park in December 2019 and started Cats Luck!


As a self proclaimed junk food vegan, who is vegan for the animals and not her health, all my treats are 100% vegan and 100% "guilt free" as in DO NOT ask me for calorie counts or fat content, as I do not support diet culture! Never will you hear me say my treats are cruelty free either, as nothing is truly cruelty free in this capitalist society

(I strive to use ethical products, such as ethical chocolate!)

Baking is my passion but aside from enjoying being in the kitchen all day I also love hanging with my cats, dog and husband, hanging out in the woods, collecting records, visiting cemeteries, reading comic books and thrifting!


Supporting Cats Luck means supporting a woman owned- radical vegan business.

One who does not subscribe to the idea that veganism should only focus on the animals. Radical veganism means liberation for ALL beings. You wont find one dimensional veganism here. Each week I do cake fundraisers through my Instagram and donate 100% of the money to grassroots human rights organizations. And $5 from every Cats Luck cake order is donated at the end of the month to a grassroots organization as well!

You can also find a donation option some weeks on my treats menu to help me make food for Jersey Shore Food Not Bombs (every Sunday at the Asbury Park Train Station and Springwood Park- shares are for everyone, Solidarity Not Charity!)

Despite being a small business, Cats Luck is anti capitalist and strives to give back as much as possible, ya know after bills and rent is paid! If you ever find yourself unable to afford a birthday cake for yourself or a loved one, I am always down for the barter system or some sort of trade! I want everyone to be able to enjoy my treats!

Lets dismantle this bullshit system and build a new more equitable one, together!

-Signed your neighborhood radical vegan baker,